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General Activities

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Posse has played an important part in the colorful history of Lincoln County, New Mexico dating back to the days of Sheriff Pat Garrett and the famous outlaw Billy the Kid.  Our initial role as mounted law enforcement reserve unit has evolved into an all volunteer community service organization.  We are proudly composed of dedicated men, women and family members who take an active interest in the civic, social and moral welfare of the communities in the county.  We take great pride in representing Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department throughout the region in public appearances and ceremonies.  With gratitude we serve our country and community and thoroughly enjoy participating in all the events that makes Lincoln County New Mexico the historic and beautiful place it is.

Ownership of a horse or riding ability in not a prerequisite for membership, but continues to be an integral part of the Posse.

The main focus of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Posse is to support the activities of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department.  When requested to provide assistance to private and public organizations when they are holding approved area events.  This is done in a variety of ways as uniformed mounted and non-mounted units by:

Presenting Colors for Honor Guard Ceremonies

Event Security Patrols

Traffic Control and Parking Direction

Information Assistance and Crowd Control

Mounted Parade Unit

Another important purpose of our organization is to foster and encourage the ideals of good citizenship as well as presenting ourselves as “goodwill” ambassadors for Lincoln County as we take an active interest in civil, charitable and educational activities.  This is done in a variety of ways:

Raising Funds for Community Causes

Creation and Maintenance of Scholarship Funds

Donating to Area Rodeo Activities

Community Support Functions

Support and Participate in Historic Lincoln County Annual Events

Cattle Drives


Horse Shows

Gun Shows

Trail Rides

Youth Rodeos

Helping with Trail Maintenance for the BLM

Equestrian Search and Rescue Support Unit

Our mounted Parade Unit represents Lincoln County throughout the region by providing a colorful presence for a variety of parades, pageants and grand entries.  The Color Guard, carrying flags of our nation, state and organization brings a patriotic and historic element to many special celebrations.


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